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Sun Tunnels Installation Services – Roof Windows

Sun Tunnels Installation Service

Sun tunnels are flexible tubes which reflect sunlight directly through your home’s roof into areas of your home where natural light cannot reach. Such areas include; bathrooms, side rooms, closets etc. where you might need more light.
Many a times, skylights can’t be put in those rooms where the roof has an obstruction which prevents natural light from entering. Sun tunnels easily solve that problem because they are smaller and can bend around problematic areas so as to give you sunlight whenever you need.

Why Buy Them?

We, at Priority Roofing, provide Sun Tunnels that are an innovative source of lighting that not only provide natural light for darker portions of the house, but also help to save your hard earned money on those power bills. A few reasons why people choose them are:

  1. Money-Saver
    1. Sunlight provided by sun tunnels give cost free light supply during daytime.
    2. Can help to trim power bills by 30% ultimately helping your pocket.
    3. The entire system of sun tunnels requires absolutely no maintenance at all.
  2. Highly Automated
    1. Sun tunnels available nowadays can continually monitor daylight levels.
    2. They operate automatically thus providing a ‘hands-free’ lighting solutions.
    3. Optional Occupancy Sensor gives maximum automation to homeowners.
  3. Long-Lasting
    1. If there is Sun in the sky, there’ll be light through sun tunnels in your house.
    2. Energy-efficient LEDs present inside the system can even last up to 20 years.
    3. Eliminate the dependency on traditional electric bulbs to quite an extent.

Common Places to Use Them

Sun Tunnels can be used to light-up almost any portion of your house; however, following are some common places where you can use them:

  1. Hallways
    1. Can light-up your vivid colour art or family photos in the hallway.
    2. With improved visual clarity, stumbling on the rug can be avoided.
  2. Closets
    1. Resolve your colour issues by bringing daylight in those dim closets.
    2. Money-saving Occupancy Sensor activates only if the space is occupied.
  3. Entryways
    1. Make a great first impression through this aesthetically beautiful light.
    2. Daunt potential intruders at night by LEDs that switch-on automatically.
  4. Bathrooms
    1. Lets you focus on details like make-up etc. by providing you a bright light.
    2. Optional Occupancy Sensor switches-on automatically to save you money.

Why Choose Priority Roofing?

Our technical team works quietly, cleanly and at the most affordable price possible. You live in a locality with people around you that have respect for you. We totally understand that. Since we are a disruption in your everyday life, we assure you that we’ll:

  1. Protect your home’s landscaping
  2. Arrive clean and well-dressed
  3. Will work as quietly as possible
  4. Make neat piles of debris we remove
  5. Will provide high quality materials
  6. Give you an estimate that’s fair and just

We, at Priority Roofing, are the most sought-name in Canada’s roofing industry for our sun tunnels and skylight. Our products are genuine and have a competitive pricing. Call us anytime to know more about our sun tunnels installation services.