Different Types of Roofing Materials

Different Types of Roofing Materials

Updating your old roof allows you to enhance the curb appeal of your house and also add value in your home’s look. But when it comes to choosing the right roofing material for your new roof, you may get confused with various roofing materials. Yes, there are lots of roofing material available in the market and choosing one of them is a very daunting task. Because every material has its own some advantages and disadvantages. Before making your decision, you need to take some important things into consideration such as cost, style, and color.

Before buying a new roof, you can ask some questions to a dealer like what is the cost and warranty period of the material? Does it meet the fire codes in your area? Are the material needs some special maintenance and installation service? Is the material available in different styles and colors?

Below are some roofing material explained.

  1. Asphalt shingles: This is the most common material used by almost every homeowner. This material is popular because it is budget friendly and easy to install. Asphalt shingles are designed for at least twenty to twenty five years. Means once you install it, you don’t need to think about your roof for the next twenty years. The main disadvantage of this material is it does not provide the insulation. The price range starts from 70$ to 120$ a square.
  2. Clay and concrete tiles: Clay and concrete tiles are heavy, but these are extremely durable. These tiles come in lighter color option and provide enduring aesthetics to your house and also added value to your home. These tiles are versatile and offer greater protection to you and your family members. The main advantage of this material is, it is long lasting and non-combustible. But a heavy weight and price, both are disadvantage of clay and concrete tiles.
  3. Metal roofing: Metal roofs are available in different varieties such as copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. This material provides high insulation solar reflectance and durability. This material is lightweight and long lasting. It is also a recyclable. High price is the disadvantage of metal roofing material. The price starts from 100$ to 300$ a square. This roof is designed for 40 to 75 years.
  4. Slate: Just like clay and concrete tiles, slates are also heavy. This material is fire resistance and natural appearance is the main advantage of it. You can expect a life of hundred years and easy maintenance. This material is available in different styles and colors. Slate tiles are easy to break and due to the high cost, every one cannot afford it.
  5. Wood shingles and shake: Wood shingles are made from western red cedar, southern pine, cypress, and redwood trees. Wood shingles and shakes require care and maintenance. It is better to repair and maintain your wood roof before the fall wet season starts. If you live in a fire prone area, this material is not good for you. It can mold, split and rot easily. It comes with twenty five to thirty years lifespan.

Buying the best material for your roof is a very difficult job. Experienced contractor can help you make the right decision. If you are thinking about to update your exciting roof, you can get in touch with Priority Roofing in Kitchener. We will help you to select the right material for your new roof.