How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

 Roof for Winter

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Regular maintenance is essential to ensuring your home’s longevity. Being fully prepared for a harsh Canadian winter is the key to keeping costly repairs at bay. Roofing contractors Cambridge give experts tips to help you prepare your roof for colder months.

Inspect Your Roof

There are many ways to inspect a roof. Using a binocular can help you take a closer look at your roof. Another way to thoroughly inspect the roof and get a better assessment is to climb up on top of your home. Look for signs of loose, worn, cracked or damaged shingles. If the roofing shingles feel like sandpaper on touching, it means they are in good condition. When shingles are damaged, the granules will loosen up and detach easily. This is a clear indication that it is time to replace the shingles.

Clean Out Gutters

Clogged gutters can also lead to problems. The role of the gutters is to ensure the water runs off properly. Clogged gutters can cause the water to back up under the shingles, forming a dam. When gutters are not regularly cleaned, debris can start to accumulate on top of the roof and escalate the damage on the shingles.

Scrutinize Roof Flashing

Another important area that should be the part of your inspection is the roof flashing around your chimney and other vents. Make sure the flashing is not worn and is installed properly. The flashing works by creating a barrier that prevents moisture from getting into your home.

Check Roof Interior

Your inspection should also include inspecting the interior of your home. If you see water spots on the areas of ceiling, hear the alarm bells ringing. If you have an attic or crawlspace, inspect the wood that provides support to the shingles. Look for damaged and rotten wood.

Contact Professional Roofing Contractors Cambridge

Some minor repairs can be performed by the homeowner, but due to the safety concerns associated with getting on the roof, it is best to let the experts handle this job. A trained roofing technician will be able to thoroughly inspect your roof and identify problems. Left ignored, roofing issues can cause other huge problems such as foundation problems which can be very expensive to repair.

Let roofing contractors Cambridge regularly inspect your roof and preserve your home for years to come. The professionals at Priority Roofing will be able to identify issues that may be overlooked by the homeowner.

Now is the best time to prepare you roof for a harsh Canadian winter. Contact us today to schedule