The Top 5 Most Common Roof Problems

 Common Roof Problems

Evident or unexpected, roof problems are always a trouble and definitely a huge expense. Roofing contractors Cambridge have examined the problems which occur most commonly and the conditions that can cause the roof to fail prematurely.

Let’s have a look at some of the problems most often wrestled by residential property owners.

Leaks and Moisture

With all types of roofs, a roof leak is an indication of a problem. Standing water due to a clogged drain or a poor roof design/installation can deteriorate the roof and eventually cause leaks. Before getting the roof repaired, it’s important to find out the source of the water. Sometimes the source can be an HVAC unit with a missing drain line. Make sure the roofing contractors Cambridge always perform a thorough inspection before performing a repair.

Poor Installation

A faulty installation significantly increases the possibilities of problems and reduces a roof’s life expectancy. Poor workmanship is another common reason for issues to occur at some point in the roof’s life. Make sure that the contractor and team you’ve hired know the proper installation methods specific to the roof type they are installing.

Lack of Maintenance

There are many reasons why a residential roof should never be neglected, such as huge expenses down the lane. Regular maintenance is the key to preventing the roofing problems. It is important to perform routine roof inspections to identify problems at an early stage. Addressing minor issues before they mount maximizes roof life expectancy as well as minimizes hassles and costs.

Improper Repairs

Using materials that are not meant for application on particular roof types can cause permanent damage to the residential roofing system. For instance, repairing metal roof using plastic roof cement and unsuitable materials will only make small problem worse.


Roof and attic ventilation play an important role in determining the life expectancy of a residential roof. Sufficient ventilation helps in regulating temperature and moisture levels in your home’s attic. If left neglected, there can be a buildup of heat and moisture which can damage the shingles, insulation, and increase energy costs, any may also develop unsightly mold and mildew problems.

Ensuring a high quality roof installation, providing the residential roof with regular maintenance, and early diagnosis of problems through routine inspections can increases a roof’s life expectancy. As the roof ages, the possibilities of problems increase. However, how these problems are detected and addressed will determine the future of your roofing system.

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