Roofing Inspection: An Essential Part Of Roof Maintenance

Your residential roofs offer a line of defense for your home’s structure. Thus, it is crucial to inspect it on a regular basis. Roof inspection becomes utmost important if you live in location that tends to experience extreme weathers and harsh seasons. Make sure you hire a reliable roofing contractor in Guelph for a roof inspection job as only an experienced roofer will be able to guide you better.

Spring inspections are important as they help extend the life of your roof and save you a lot of money. If neglected, roofs experience wear and tear, which causes leaking, this can be dangerous as rotting would lead to further roof damage.

What Causes My Roof to Deteriorate?

There are many natural attackers that can damage the roofs, including:

Sun: Heat and ultraviolet rays cause roofing materials to deteriorate over time.

Wind: High winds can be destructive and can pull shingles away from the roof’s underlayment. This also allows dirt and water to accumulate between the layers. Over time, this dirt and moisture damage the structural integrity of the roof.

Rain and Snow: Frequent water and moisture penetration can damage your roof’s structure, causing mildew, wood rot and in the worst-case scenario, can further damage the insulation and electrical infrastructure. Ice dams can cause serious damage to the integrity of your roofing structure.

Lichen: Wood shakes and shingles are an ideal place for moss and algae. These organic materials hold in excess water, leading to wood rot. Over time, these materials discolor your roof and cause structural damage. Additionally, fungus also block the gutter systems, making it difficult to maintain proper drainage flow.

Trees: Sometimes, tree limbs and leaf buildup may create a problem. Long, heavy branches can scratch the roof and leaves can block downspout systems.

When Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

Various roof repair Guelph technicians advise homeowners to get their home’s roof inspected twice a year in order to ensure optimal performance and lifespan.

Your roof is the most weather-exposed part of your home. Which is why, a thorough inspection is a must. Make sure the roofing contractor meticulously evaluate the interior and exterior surface of the roof. Regular inspections include assessment of ceilings, leaks, interior walls, gutter systems and roofing materials (shingles, shakes, tiles, etc.). After analyzing the roof from the inside and out, a reliable roofer can make recommendations about repair or replacement measures.

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